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Review: First Birthday Magic

Bonnie Downing

I'm featuring a guest post today, a review from a customer who was kind enough to send some fantastic pictures along with it!

Buddy & Bean created real magic for my daughter's first birthday! We hosted a tea party to celebrate her milestone and I had all the little details, including vintage china from both sides of our family, but I couldn't find the right dress for her. Buddy & Bean to the rescue! 


Bonnie took my hodge podge of ideas and turned them into the perfect dress - classic with exactly the right amount of childhood whimsy. She even crafted a baby fascinator so my daughter could be a real lady at her tea! Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, she made a matching bow tie for my four-year-old son. Buddy & Bean does sibling sets right! 


With just a few days left before the party we realized something was missing. Bonnie came through for us again, finishing out our beautiful party set with a bow tie for dad. Thanks, Buddy & Bean, for creating something beautiful for a very important day. My daughter's dress is a true keepsake and my son felt really special to match both the birthday girl and daddy. 

I'm so happy I had the opportunity to work with this family to make something for their special day!

Exciting New Announcements!

Bonnie Downing

A couple of exciting new announcements - I think you'll find the second more exciting than the first, so keep reading!

First, I've put up a Custom Order Request form for those times when you're wanting something special, but nothing already in the shop is quite what you're looking for. I'd love to work with you! The form has easy access to my Custom gallery, so you can browse through lots of ideas from the past, or you can send inspiration pictures (I'm not a big fan of copying other people's work straight-up, but I'm happy to have inspiration) to me at

And now the second thing! I've been trying, since I started Buddy & Bean, to think of ways to really encourage the whole "sibling" thing. It's really why this shop exists, it's what we're all about, and I want to find ways to make it work for other families who are into it too. But I know it can get... well, pricey. So here's what I've come up with: in order to help your family get all the brothers and sisters, in whatever configuration you may have them, looking awesome for your next holiday or picture session or family dinner or just, you know, school day (we really do wear these clothes constantly)... I'm offering a Sibling Bundle. This means that whenever you purchase more than one item of clothing, the second item of lesser value will be 15% off, and the third of lesser value (and any more than 3) will be 25% off.

I'm currently working with Squarespace on a way to make this tiered discounting more automatic, but until we're able to set that up, we're going to do it old-school Etsy-Convo style: if you'd like to purchase a Sibling Bundle, shoot me an email at and let me know what items you want, and I'll set up a custom listing for you. I'm really excited about this, and I hope you are too - I love helping families look great!

Check it out! Custom Lookbook!

Bonnie Downing

Buddy & Bean has been up and running for a couple of (exciting!) months now, and I've introduced three sets of coordinated items so far, with - obviously - lots more to come in the future, but maybe there's something specific you have in mind now, or just something... else you'd like to see that you're not seeing. Maybe you've been itching to get your little one into a fancy holiday outfit, but the brown/cranberry color scheme just isn't your jam (no judgement!) and you really want something brighter and with more pizzazz, or, you have a phobia of deer and like, seriously, 2/3 of my stuff so far has deer on it, come ON, can't I make something without deer already? Coincidence, I swear. Or there's a birthday coming up and you'd love a dress/jacket/shirt with a big monogrammed '2' on it? 

You're in luck! I'm introducing a Custom option for any who would like it - email me using the handy envelope icon at the top right (or, you know, this: and give me any and all details of what you're looking for, and we'll figure it out from there. If you have an idea of the look you want and would like me to find fabrics and a pattern, I can do that; if you have fabric that you want to get to me and have me pick the pattern, that works; if you want to jump off of one of the ideas from my Custom Lookbook, just say the word! Pricing will depend on: whether you're providing fabric or having me buy it, how much is needed, and the pattern, and you can use the prices in the shop as a guideline - for references, fuller skirts and sleeves will typically add to the fabric/labor cost. For legal reasons, if you'd like something involving licensed characters/logos, you'll need to provide the fabric.

I hope this is as exciting to you as it is to me!