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Sibling Magic

Bonnie Downing

When I was thinking about what I wanted for this little shop, one moment kept coming into my mind: near the last day of school in May, I was taking pictures of my daughter with her best friend and the friend's sisters in a set of dresses I'd made for them, just for the fun of making my first "sibling set". They were so happy with their beautiful dresses, and having so much fun posing for pictures. My son pulled on my hand. "Mommy," he said, "I can't take a picture. I don't have a matching shirt."

My poor buddy. He sees me sewing *all* the time, and 90% of it is for his sister. I've tried to keep some parity, but let's be honest: there's just not a lot out there for boys when it comes to sewing. Almost all of the patterns available are adorable dresses in frills and ruffles, and the fabrics available are pretty feminine-leaning too. It's the same when you try to buy special clothes: a million options for girls, four variations of the same shirt for the boys, if they offer anything for boys bigger than babies at all.

He was pretty happy with what I worked up for their "Princesses and Dinosaurs" birthday, at least.

He was pretty happy with what I worked up for their "Princesses and Dinosaurs" birthday, at least.

When the idea of a shop started running around in my head, my first thought was that it needed to be different. I wanted to have gorgeous, interesting fabrics - for girls AND boys. I wanted to make interesting, fun clothes that brothers and sisters would both enjoy wearing, and look great wearing together. 

I'm thrilled to say that I have two fantastic lines of dresses and boys' shirts planned to launch Buddy & Bean Boutique - the first of which, Magic On Parade, I'd initially planned for my own kids, before I even got this idea rolling, and wasn't sure I'd be able to order enough more fabric to share with you. The next line coming, by popular Facebook vote, will be Forest Friends.

I can't wait!