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And... We're Off!

Bonnie Downing

I feel like there should be a gif of Elsa throwing open the doors of her ice castle here, but I suppose that doesn't really fit the brand I've hardly built yet. The sentiment stands: Welcome! Come, shop!

I'm so excited about my inaugural line, Magic On Parade. I originally ordered just a few yards of this fabric when it was in pre-order back in May, just to make back-to-school outfits for my kids, before I was really serious about starting a shop. I loved that I could use the same line of coordinated fabrics to make something beautifully feminine for my princess-and-unicorn-obsessed daughter and to make a fantastic, strong dragon shirt that my son would love to wear. I also love that every kid is depicted in the parade: all races, ages, genders, mer- and human-person alike, coming together for a truly magical experience.

P1060573 (1).jpg

Since I haven't done this before, ever, and could only order a limited amount of fabric, here's how it's going to work: nearly everything will be on a pre-order custom sewn basis. The shop will offer as many of each item as I have the fabric for, and once they're gone, they're gone. When orders are in, I start sewing! Since these are custom pieces, please keep in mind that I'm one person - I'll work as fast as I can to get your order to you, but it may be a couple of weeks.

I'm also very excited to be able to offer embroidered monogram options for each item! The boys' button-up shirts have a very generous pocket with plenty of room for either a traditional-style monogram or our contemporary block-style monogram, and if you'd like a monogram on the Enchanted Bean dress, it will come with the monogram on a solid pink inset in place of the pink-dragon inset. Monograms will be $10 - we're working on getting the pictures on that listing up shortly.

When I've gotten through the first round of orders, I'll introduce you to my next line, Forest Friends, and keep an eye on Facebook for a peek at upcoming Christmas offerings!